How to drive traffic to your new blog

Posted on May 18th, 2017
Worked hard to set up a new blog but not getting the traffic you were hoping for? These strategies will help boost organic traffic to your blog
How to drive traffic to your new blog

If you’ve been working hard on setting up a new blog it can be disheartening to not receive many views. Just posting exclusively on your blog isn’t going to be enough to bring in the views you hope for, you need put your content out across the web to reach as many people as possible. This post shows the most effective ways of getting your blog content noticed and bring in more traffic.

Be part of a community

Comment on other blogs, not just advertising your blog, but also leaving insightful and helpful comments to gain interaction. This builds up your reputation creates contacts in the community, increasing the chances of other blogs linking to yours.

Write great content

In the blogging world, quality wins over quantity. One amazing post will drive more traffic to your site than hundreds of poor quality content. If you can post consistently even better, readers will come to expect content from you and it will help build your reputation. Write helpful and practical content that your readers will want to read.

Guest post on popular blogs

Research who the leaders are in your industry, contact them and ask if they accept guest posts. This is a great way to get your content out to a new group of readers and link back to your blog. If both you and the influence share the posts you get double the social media reach.

Build up an email list

By advertising a newsletter on your site you can create a list of readers who want to stay up to date with your posts. Send your readers a round up or a popular posts email to drive traffic to older blog posts.

Generate curiosity

Click-bait titles can look spammy but carefully written blog post titles that don’t give away the conclusion can draw users in. Try using time sensitive titles too, to create urgency and grab users attention.

Cross-post your blog articles

Platforms such as medium are great places to post your blog content. Medium allows users to post content that also appears elsewhere on the web and has its own global community. When posting your content there, be sure to add plenty of links back to your website to drive traffic to your site. You can also cross-post on social media. Take key snippets and quotes from your article to post on social media with a link back to your site.

Become a resource

By writing helpful content you can establish your blog as a resource. Sharing knowledge is a also a great way establishing authority and growing your readers community. The greater your authority, the more other people will link to your blog from theirs.


All of these strategies can help improve your blog traffic, but it won’t happen overnight. Consistent posting and hard work will increase your traffic, boost your email subscribers and put your blog on the right track to being a sustainable business.