New website for Fabrizio Fusco

Posted on December 19th, 2017
Bespoke WordPress Design & Development for Fabrizio Fusco - Body & Soul Evolution Coach.

New website launch for Fabrizio Fusco - Body & Soul Evolution Coaching

Fabrizio came to me with an existing website built on WordPress using a very heavy and bulky theme, the website was slow (6 second load time) and difficult to for him to update. His request was to create a new bespoke website with a similar design but for it to load in under a second - quite a challenge!

How we built a website to load in less than 1 second

I knew using the existing theme would cause more headaches so I decided to build with a completely new WordPress install and build the theme from scratch using only essential code.

Any plugins that were used were carefully selected (only plugins with lightweight code and very high reviews) which resulted in a much more impressive loading time (0.6 seconds) and a better overall experience.

I also built my own plugins/WordPress customisations where necessary to reduce the number of plugins needed.

Designing with WordPress

The design was loosely based on Fabrizio's old, existing website but we updated it a little. The new modern design is full width, mobile-first and features much less drop-shadow, perfect for showcasing his talents and services.

Client Testimonial

Fabrizio was so happy with is website he left some excellent feedback - we hope to work with him again in the future!

"It's been a pleasure to work with Amy. She created my website from scratch exactly in the way I asked her. She exactly understood what I was looking for and delivered ahigh quality product. Communication has been excellent and the job completed in a short timeline."