6 Pinterest headlines to drive traffic to your site

Posted on May 20th, 2017
Need help writing Pinterest headlines? Pins not bringing in enough traffic? Try these 6 headline styles to help your pins stand out in the crowd
6 Pinterest headlines to drive traffic to your site

Pinterest has become a crucial platform for social media marketing. With over 30 million unique visitors a month, Pinterest has rapidly grown over the past few years.

It is the only social network that you can post to and leave to work in the background. Pins don’t have an expiry date, once you post a pin it will continue to appear results without any more work from you. With careful planning Pinterest could easily become the biggest driver of traffic to your site with very little time spent pinning. Pin something great and it will pop up in people’s searches over and over again, attracting traffic and boosting brand awareness.

How to write headlines that attract attention

With millions of pins your need to stand out to drive traffic to your website. Follow these examples for eye-catching headlines.

1. Want (something)? Try this!

Ask people if they want something and then tell them you can give it to them. Don’t tell them how the answers in the pin, draw them into your site and then give them the answers.


Feel like your house is always a mess? Try this!

Want a successful business? Try this!

2. The perfect (something) in (a number) of steps or minutes

For tutorial type pins have confidence in your end product and call it perfect. Tell users they can achieve the perfect outcome in just a number of steps or minutes.


The perfect hairstyle in 5 easy steps

The perfect 3 days in London

3. Secrets about (something)

This may seem like clickbait but tell your users you have a secret about a topic and they have to click on your pin to find out what those secrets are. It makes the user feel like they are missing out unless they visit your site, of course, don’t give away your secrets in the pin itself.


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The 5 minute secret to losing weight

4. Solve a problem

Let users know you can solve a problem once and for all. It’s a great way to show authority and draw traffic to your site. Again, don’t give the solution in the pin, make the users visit your site for the answers.


How to conquer your to do list for good

Never miss a meeting again! How to stay organised

5. Appeal to someone’s fear

Most people fear looking stupid, getting things wrong, missing out to at least some degree. You can play on this by telling the user they are missing out if they don’t visit your site. This tactic creates anxiety in the user, they don’t want to fail, so they visit your website for the answers so they can succeed. It’s not the nicest tactic but does create results.


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6. Tell users they can achieve

This is the opposite of the above headline tactic. Instead of playing to a users fear, encourage them and tell them they can succeed if they follow your advice.


How to run your business like a boss!

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Use these six tactics for writing your Pinterest headlines to get the most traffic to your website. There are millions of pins and yours needs to stand out in the crowd.