Engage with your customers through social media

Social Media isn't about generating millions of likes and shares, it's about customer engagement that leads to sales.

Managing multiple social media accounts can be time consuming and abandoned accounts won't lead to sales. Your accounts need to be consistent, active and engaging to increase your business awareness and potential profits.

What I can do for you

  1. Identify which networks best suit your business and target audience
  2. Set up profiles with consistent business information and call to actions.
  3. Identify key competitors, industry leaders and groups for your profiles to connect with
  4. Plan and promote your content
  5. Offer advice and training on each network
  6. Create a posting schedule
  7. Track and analyse responses for maximum engagement

How this will help your business

Social media gets the word out about your business and increases traffic to your website. It helps you create a loyal community of customers and can reduce the amount you need to spend on offline marketing materials such as flyers and posters.